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Are Sock Cop sock clips washer & dryer safe?

Yes, Sock Cop sock clips are safe to use in both residential and commercial washers & dryers.

Can I use Sock Cop sock clips on any socks?
Sock Cop sock clips are safe & effective on any size socks. Ideal for tiny infant socks, thick athletic socks, ankle socks & thin trouser socks.

Where are Sock Cop sock clips manufactured?

Sock Cop sock clips are proudly manufactured & packaged in the USA.

Which national retailer carries Sock Cop sock clips?
Sock Cop sock clips are available at The Container Store, which has locations nationwide.

What are the alternative uses for Sock Cop sock clips?

Sock Cop sock clips are great for keeping many items together including gloves, mittens, athletic knee pads & two-piece swim suits. Also, clip a Sock Cop to a plastic hanger to hang delicate items or to keep items matched including baby socks or hats together with coordinating outfits.

What is the history of Sock Cop sock clips?
Sock Cop sock clips were created in 2004 out of absolute necessity. As busy parents of four children, inventors Rich & Susan O'Connor were tired of the daily frustration of sorting socks, lost & mismatched socks.

Rich began experimenting with numerous designs & materials, including melted down shower curtains which, obviously, didn’t work well but were effective in the initial prototype stage. Although there was a tremendous need for a solution to this problem, they couldn’t find a product that effectively solved the age-old problem!

The challenge was to design a sock clip that would be washer and dryer safe; keep it’s integrity when subjected to extremely high temperatures found in most dryers; not be affected by chemicals such as bleach and laundry detergents; be simple enough to use; remain safe on socks with no sharp edges or springs; and be effective on any size sock. Through God’s inspiration, numerous prototypes and stubborn persistence, they developed the Sock Cop as it is today – FUNCTIONAL, SAFE and EASY TO USE.

Rich O’Connor has been in law enforcement for over 30 years and says, "Although his profession had no bearing on the invention of the Sock Cop, it was instrumental in the naming of the product."   

What is a Sock Cop?

Sock Cop is a unique sock clip that is a simple solution to sorting socks & lost socks. Sock Cop keeps socks together through the entire laundry cycle. For over 14 years, Sock Cop has helped customers save time & money.

How do I apply Sock Cop sock clips to socks?
Attach Sock Cop sock clip firmly to the heel of socks. Wash, dry & store clipped socks as usual.  It's that easy!